Sega Game Gear Game Genie Codes

Here are some Sega Game Gear codes. All of them are in the Game Genie format, unless otherwise noted as RAM (Action Replay).

Addams Family, The (World)
006-46F-F7A Infinite Health
004-D0F-19E Infinite Lives

Adventures of Batman & Robin, The (USA, Europe)
00D92A:01 Invulnerability (RAM)
001-F8F-B3C Infinite Health
009-496-3BE Infinite Lives
00D-D56-D5A Invulnerability After Taking Damage
00D-D36-A2C Don’t Blink From Taking Damage
C92-71F-E69 Invulnerability

Aerial Assault (World)
008-5FB-E62 Invulnerability
008-C9B-19E Infinite Planes

Aladdin (USA, Europe)
3AE-DDC-2A2 Infinite Health
C9E-B7C-E69 Invulnerability

Alien 3 (USA, Europe)
7E2-B1C-3B7 Infinite Health
183-0E6-6EA Invulnerability
00C-F3A-3BE Infinite Lives
006-4A7-19E Infinite Bullets

Alien Syndrome (USA, Europe)
007-5FB-19E Infinite Lives
188-74B-6EA Invulnerability

Arch Rivals (USA)
7EF-7DE-3B7 Away Team Can’t Score

Arena – Maze of Death (USA, Europe)
000B94:1F Stage Skip (RAM) [While paused, press 1+2 to skip to the next level.]
18F-B1D-6EA Invulnerability
185-CCF-6EA Infinite Lives
3A3-36C-2A2 Infinite Health
18C-61C-4CA Always Have Grenades
00D-36C-E6E Infinite Bullets

Ariel the Little Mermaid (USA, Europe)
C35-FA9-E61 Invulnerability
006-059-19E Infinite Health

Asterix and the Great Rescue (USA)
C92-5EB-E69 Invulnerability
002-C4B-19D Infinite Health (1 of 3)
002-C5B-3BE Infinite Health (2 of 3)
002-C6B-D52 Infinite Health (3 of 3)
00A-F0C-19D Infinite Lives (1 of 3)
00A-F1C-3BE Infinite Lives (2 of 3)
00A-F2C-D56 Infinite Lives (3 of 3)

Asterix and the Secret Mission (Europe) (En,Fr,De)
00C0DC:08 Infinite Lives (RAM)
3AC-588-2A2 Infinite Health
00C-838-19E Infinite Lives

Baku Baku Animal (USA)
000-E7B-3BA Infinite Time

Bartman Meets Radioactive Man (USA)
00DD85:09 Infinite Laser Eyes (RAM)
000-02C-F7A Infinite Health
C9F-99F-C49 Invulnerability
002-36C-19E Infinite Laser Eyes

Batman Forever (World)
002-2D4-A2C Infinite Health From Normal Attacks
001-BC7-D5A Infinite Health From Throws
002-407-19E Infinite Lives

Batman Returns (World)
005-EB9-19D Infinite Health From Punches (Stage 1) (1 of 3)
005-EC9-3BE Infinite Health From Punches (Stage 1) (2 of 3)
005-ED9-C4E Infinite Health From Punches (Stage 1) (3 of 3)
00A-22A-19D Infinite Health From Sliding Enemies (Stage 1) (1 of 3)
00A-23A-3BE Infinite Health From Sliding Enemies (Stage 1) (2 of 3)
00A-24A-C4E Infinite Health From Sliding Enemies (Stage 1) (3 of 3)
00A-9BD-19D Infinite Health From Rolling Enemies (Stage 1) (1 of 3)
00A-9CD-3B7 Infinite Health From Rolling Enemies (Stage 1) (2 of 3)
00A-9DD-C4E Infinite Health From Rolling Enemies (Stage 1) (3 of 3)

Batter Up (USA, Europe)
00E-C0B-19A CPU Team Can’t Score
00A-719-19A No Balls (Always Walks)
00A-609-19A No Strikes (Always Outs)
003-21C-19A No Outs (After Hitting The Ball)
007-A6D-19A No Outs (From Strikes)

Beavis and Butt-Head (USA, Europe)
00C-BBD-2AD Infinite Lives
C9B-4CD-C49 Infinite Health

Berenstain Bears’ Camping Adventure, The (USA)
00DB80:01 Invulnerability (RAM)
00DC0B:01 Infinite Health (RAM)
C90-8EA-E69 Invulnerability
180-98A-6EA Infinite Health

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S (Japan)
00E-0AE-19E Infinite Health
00F-0AA-19E Infinite Lives
007-17E-916 Invulnerability

Bonkers Wax Up! (USA, Europe)
C35-285-E61 Invulnerability
00B-1A6-19E Infinite Lives
2A3-6A5-6E2 Infinite Health

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (USA)
C39-95E-E61 Invulnerable To Spikes And Water
C3A-8EE-E61 Invulnerable To Enemies
00A-F5E-19E Infinite Health
003-C7A-19E Infinite Lives

Bubble Bobble (USA, Europe)
C92-B9B-E69 Invulnerability

Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble (USA, Europe)
183-83D-6EA Don’t Blink From Taking Damage
20A-24E-4CA Invulnerability
182-A07-6EA Infinite Time (Ignore Timer)
C94-BED-E69 Invincibility

Bust-A-Move (USA, Europe)
003-6FA-3BA Infinite Shot Time
003-ACD-19E Infinite Credits

Buster Ball (Japan)
007-A9B-E6E Infinite Time

Buster Fight (Japan)
000-D3A-19E Press Left To Access The Alien (Character Select Screen)
00C-6FC-19E Infinite Time

Captain America and the Avengers (USA, Europe)
000-7EB-A24 Infinite Health
007-94D-E6E Invulnerability (Blinking)

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (USA, Europe)
00C0BD:03 Infinite Health (RAM)
C93-7A7-E69 Invulnerability

Chakan (USA, Europe)
187-6AE-6EA Invulnerability

Chicago Syndicate (USA, Europe)
004-089-A2C Infinite Health

Choplifter III (USA)
000-CDB-E66 Infinite Damage From Hitting Trees
000-2DC-A2C Infinite Damage From Tank Ammo
00D-04B-A20 Infinite Damage From Hitting Birds
008-6EC-C49 Have Heat Seeking Missiles

Chuck Rock (World)
00B-0EE-19D Infinite Lives (1 of 3)
00B-0FE-3BE Infinite Lives (2 of 3)
00B-10E-D56 Infinite Lives (3 of 3)
C94-98C-E69 Infinite Health

Chuck Rock (World) (Beta)
C9D-D4C-E69 Invulnerability
C92-81C-E69 Infinite Health

Cliffhanger (USA)
C90-C6A-E69 Invulnerability
008-9BE-3BE Infinite Health
002-74E-3BE Infinite Lives
00A-F2E-3BE Infinite Continues

Sassou Shounen Eiyuuden Coca Cola Kid (Japan)
003-71D-E6E Infinite Time
3AF-89C-2A2 Invulnerability (After Being Hit)
001-EEE-E6E Infinite Lives
00E-CDC-19E Infinite Health

Cosmic Spacehead (Europe)
007-CC6-3BE Infinite Lives

Cutthroat Island (USA, Europe)
6B6-E15-6E7 Infinite Health
009-05B-19E Infinite Lives
000-618-19E Weapon Meter Does Not Decrease

Daffy Duck in Hollywood (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
C07-B19-C49 Invulnerable Against Some Attacks
C99-8D9-E69 Invulnerable Against Cactus Spikes
C98-AA6-E69 Invulnerable Against Some Enemies
00F-7DF-3BE Infinite Lives

Defenders of Oasis (USA, Europe)
003-8A5-910 Infinite Money

Devilish (USA)
7B4-76D-E60 Stage Select Accessible Under Time Trial

Ronald in the Magical World (Japan) (En,Ja)
00CF67:01 Invulnerability (RAM)
C36-1FC-E61 Invulnerability
346-17E-3BE Infinite Lives

Double Dragon (USA, Europe)
00C22A:15 Infinite Bullets (RAM)
00E-FFF-A28 Infinite Health
00F-3BF-3BE Infinite Lives
00C-B6F-3BE Infinite Bullets

Dragon – The Bruce Lee Story (USA)
7EF-625-3B7 Infinite Health (Ignore Health Bar)
340-CD4-3BE Infinite Lives

Dropzone (Europe)
006-C7D-3BE Infinite Lives

Dynamite Headdy (USA, Europe)
C96-59C-E69 Invulnerability
188-E4D-6EA Infinite Lives
004-56C-D5A Infinite Health

Earthworm Jim (USA)
C9F-46D-E69 Invulnerable Against Enemies (But Not Spikes)
004-0DC-19E Infinite Lives
003-B0C-A2C Infinite Health

Ecco the Dolphin II – The Tides of Time (USA, Europe)
008-826-D52 Swim Thru Walls
18D-2D7-6EA Invulnerability

F-15 Strike Eagle (USA, Europe)
2AA-A9B-6E2 Infinite Bullets

Factory Panic (Europe)
C9F-08B-E69 Invulnerability
000-6BC-3BE Infinite Lives
006-C2F-3BE Infinite Continues

Fatal Fury Special (USA)
00C0C1:09 Infinite Credits (RAM)
00C-38B-E6E Infinite Time

Frogger (USA) (Proto)
C9D-84D-E69 Invulnerability
EDE-62D-19D Infinite Time
00D-9D9-19E Infinite Lives

Galaga 2 (Europe)
002-06C-D5E Infinite Planes

Garfield – Caught in the Act (USA, Europe)
018-EE6-F72 Debug Menu [Pause the game and press the 1 button to open the Debug Menu, then press the 2 button to open the second page of the menu.]
006-FA7-3BE Infinite Throwing Items
001-B97-3BE Infinite Lives
007-16B-3BE Infinite Health

George Foreman’s KO Boxing (USA, Europe)
00A-5FF-C49 Cheat Mode [During a match, pause the game and use: Up for nine super punches. Down to recover life. Left to finish the round. Right to win the match. 2 end the match with a draw.]

00A-71D-19E Infinite Planes
007-A9D-C4A Invulnerability (Blinking)

Shinobi (USA, Europe)
00E-F95-A21 Infinite Health
000-B44-80A Invulnerability (Blinking)

Godzilla – Kaijuu Daishingeki (Japan)
001-0D7-D56 Test Options Shown [Press Down while in the Options Menu.]

GP Rider (USA, Europe)
00B-C1C-3BE Infinite Time

Greendog – The Beached Surfer Dude! (USA, Europe)
7EA-C0D-3B7 Infinite Health
18A-A9D-6EA Invulnerability
00F-3AD-19E Infinite Lives

Griffin (Japan)
003-1AD-19E Infinite Health
001-EF9-19E Infinite Bombers
3A5-3ED-2A2 Infinite Lives

Halley Wars (USA, Europe)
C9E-ECF-E69 Invulnerability

Home Alone (USA, Europe)
00B-C4E-E6E Infinite Time
2AE-EF5-6E2 Infinite C Meter For Sled
004-BDA-805 Infinite Trap Items

Honoo no Toukyuuji – Dodge Danpei (Japan)
008-8ED-A26 Easy Victory [During the game, press the 2 Button + Start to win.]

Hook (USA)
007-7CD-19E Infinite Health
009-A0F-19E Infinite Lives
00A-75E-19E Infinite Time
181-5BD-6EA Invulnerability

Hurricanes (Europe)
00D583:FF Infinite Health (RAM)
00D5A4:9B Invulnerability (RAM)
00A-1FE-19E Infinite Lives
00B-2EF-A28 Infinite Health
C92-62F-E69 Invulnerability

Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima – Hyoutan-jima no Daikoukai (Japan)
00E-F99-2AA Infinite Health
000-E0D-4C6 Infinite Time

Incredible Hulk, The (USA, Europe)
C0D-B77-C49 Don’t Die From Health Loss
00D-AE7-F79 Infinite Health
003-9DB-E6E Infinite Lives

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – The Action Game (USA, Europe)
00A-07B-802 Invulnerability (Blinking)
C92-A59-E69 Invulnerability
00A-35E-3BE Infinite Time
7E9-D49-3B7 Infinite Health
002-9FF-3BE Infinite Lives

Iron Man X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal (USA, Europe)
00DF13:FF Level Select (RAM) [Pause the game and hold either down, or up and unpause the game.]
00E-FBF-B30 Infinite Health
00F-C8E-C46 Infinite Lives
002-A4D-E6E Invulnerability After Taking Damage (Blinking)

Itchy & Scratchy Game, The (USA, Europe)
C94-32B-E69 Invulnerable To Lava
C3B-F5B-E61 Invulnerable To Scratchy
C93-7BC-E69 Invulnerable To Other Animals
384-36F-E6B Instantly Beat Stage (1 of 2)
044-37F-E66 Instantly Beat Stage (2 of 2)
11E-395-D56 Start On Stage 2

James Bond 007 – The Duel (Europe)
00C753:05 Infinite Missiles (RAM)
183-CFD-6EA Invulnerability
009-6D8-19E Infinite Missiles
FF7-10C-E6E Start With 255 Grenades
FF7-15C-F7E Start With 255 Missiles
009-7C8-19E Infinite Grenades
001-85C-19E Infinite Health
3A3-24C-2A2 Infinite Lives

James Pond 3 – Operation Starfi5h (Europe)
C9D-00B-E69 Invulnerability
003-F8F-19E Infinite Health
001-CDF-E6E Infinite Lives

James Pond II – Codename RoboCod (USA)
18E-27C-6EA Invulnerable To Spikes
C3E-46B-E61 Invulnerable To Enemies (And They Die When You Touch Them)
00F-40B-3BE Infinite Lives
00E-31C-3BE Infinite Health

Journey from Darkness – Strider Returns (USA, Europe)
00D527:FE Invulnerability (RAM)
006-72A-A24 Infinite Health
C9E-3BA-E69 Infinite Time
00B-A1F-E6E Infinite Lives
006-66A-E6E Don’t Get Knocked Back From Taking Damage
C96-4BA-E69 Invulnerability (Enemies Die When They Touch You)

Judge Dredd (USA, Europe)
00D973:00 No Death (RAM)
C94-94C-E69 Invulnerability
004-B3C-195 No Death When Health Reaches 0
3A4-A5C-2A2 Infinite Health
003-2D5-19E Infinite Lives

Junction (Japan)
00E-2AF-4C6 Infinite Time
00D-06F-3BE Infinite Lives

Jungle Book, The (USA)
00C830:06 Infinite Health (RAM)
C8F-1DC-E69 Instantly Beat Stage
0?F-1CC-C4A Needed Gem’s Modifier [Default value is 8. Setting this to 0 instantly beats the stage.]
007-89A-19E Infinite Lives
00C-1FE-19E Infinite Health
002-449-19E Infinite Time
003-F0C-F7A Invulnerability (Blinking)

Jurassic Park (USA, Europe)
00C037:FF Invulnerability (RAM) [Default value is 3.]
00CA1B:0? T-Rex Boss Health Modifier On Driving Stage (RAM)
7EC-29D-3B7 Don’t Blink From Taking Damage
008-22D-A20 Infinite Health (Player)
3A6-E78-2A2 Infinite SUV Damage
187-F6D-6EA Invulnerability
00E-749-3BE Infinite Continues
00C-B19-19E Infinite Lives
008-81A-3BE Infinite Med-Kit
00F-24B-E66 T-Rex Boss Easier To Kill (Driving Stage)

Kaitou Saint Tail (Japan)
C90-E3D-E69 Invulnerability
000-D6D-3BE Infinite Lives

Kawasaki Superbike Challenge (USA, Europe)
00A-EED-19A Infinite Time

Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba (Japan)
7E9-35E-3B7 Infinite Health
005-D2F-19E Infinite Lives
C36-E1E-E61 Invulnerability

Kishin Douji Zenki (Japan)
7E0-7FD-3B7 Infinite Health
00E-A39-C4E Invulnerability (Blinking)
18E-A29-4CA Invulnerability After Taking Damage
138-FAF-F72 Start On Stage 2
058-FAF-F72 Start On Stage 4

Krusty’s Fun House (USA, Europe)
00C42A:64 Infinite Health (RAM)
008-5E5-C42 Infinite Health
C9F-1C5-E69 Infinite Lives
C38-4C5-E61 Invulnerability

Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (USA, Europe)
00C227:09 Invulnerability (RAM)
00C-337-E69 Infinite Health
009-FAD-E6E Infinite Lives
002-4CE-E6E Infinite Time
18D-027-6EA Invulnerability

Last Action Hero (USA)
007-2AE-19E Infinite Health
007-4EE-19E Don’t Blink From Taking Damage
C97-0EE-E69 Invulnerability

Lion King, The (USA)
CD4-67C-F79 Level Select Enabled
C32-B29-E61 Invulnerability
006-3F9-A24 Infinite Health
006-87C-19E Infinite Lives

Lost World, The – Jurassic Park (USA)
009-FCB-A2C Infinite Health
4EA-46B-A27 Invulnerability After Taking Damage

Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck, The (USA, Europe)
00C-05E-3BE Infinite Health
C90-C6B-E69 Invulnerability
000-93D-E69 Infinite Lives

Marko’s Magic Football (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es)
00DA17:7E Invulnerability (RAM)
000-BBE-3BE Infinite Health

Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (USA, Europe)
18D-5DD-6EA Invulnerability
009-81B-7FE Infinite Time
002-08E-A29 Infinite Lives

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (USA, Europe)
003-F1D-F72 Enable Extra Options On Main Menu (1 of 2)
004-18D-E66 Enable Extra Options On Main Menu (2 of 2)
7E2-D6E-3B7 Infinite Health From Enemy Attacks
7E4-1BE-3B7 Infinite Health From Enemy Throws
003-ABA-E62 Gain Full Health Upon Enemy Death

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – The Movie (USA, Europe)
000-9ED-F72 Enable Extra Options On Main Menu (1 of 2)
000-C5D-E66 Enable Extra Options On Main Menu (1 of 2)
009-5CB-E62 Gain Full Health Upon Enemy Death

Monster World II – Dragon no Wana (Japan)
006-C4D-A23 Infinite Health

Mortal Kombat 3 (Europe)
C9B-B04-E69 Press Left On Sub-Zero For Smoke
005-B7E-D52 Show Smoke Icon On Character Select Screen

Ninja Gaiden (USA, Europe)
003-028-4C6 Infinite Time
009-449-3BE Infinite Lives
C90-C0E-E69 Infinite Health
C90-A1E-E69 Invulnerability

Ottifants, The (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
006-0FA-A26 Stage Skip Enabled [Pause the game, hold both buttons 1 and 2 down, and unpause the game.]
C9C-10B-E69 Invulnerability
7EC-47B-3B7 Infinite Health
00F-97F-19E Infinite Lives

Pac-In-Time (Unknown) (Proto)
002-C3E-19E Infinite Time
005-3AF-19E Infinite Lives

Panzer Dragoon Mini (Japan)
00F-46F-F7E Infinite Health (Normal Enemies)
00F-CEF-C4A Infinite Health (Boss)
026-708-E66 Sound 002 Accessible (Options Menu) (1 of 2)
026-2E8-E6E Sound 002 Accessible (Options Menu) (2 of 2)
096-858-C42 Sound 009 Accessible (Options Menu) (1 of 2)
096-438-C4A Sound 009 Accessible (Options Menu) (2 of 2)

Paperboy 2 (USA, Europe)
00E-BAF-19E Infinite Paper
009-06E-801 Infinite Lives

Phantasy Star Gaiden (Japan)
FFB-718-E6A Start New Game With $65,330
09B-768-E6E Start New Game With 8 More Of Each Standard Item
219-969-3B4 Buy An Item For Max Money (1 of 3)
FF9-979-5DD Buy An Item For Max Money (2 of 3)
FF9-989-A23 Buy An Item For Max Money (3 of 3)
2A9-999-6E2 Infinite Money

Phantom 2040 (USA, Europe)
002-3BE-F7A Invulnerability
005-A9E-E6E Infinite Bullets

Primal Rage (USA, Europe)
000-61D-E6E Infinite Time

Quest for the Shaven Yak Starring Ren Hoek & Stimpy (USA, Europe)
00E-E1F-F7E Special Character Select Background
18E-ADB-6EA Don’t Die From Loosing All Your Health
00E-ACB-3BE Infinite Health
C9E-96B-E69 Invulnerability

Revenge of Drancon (USA)
005-A69-3BE Infinite Health
007-16E-3BE Infinite Lives

Ristar – The Shooting Star (World)
3C2-3AB-F73 Stage Skip [Pause game, hold button 2 and unpause to skip levels.]
004-67D-19E Infinite Health
001-BCA-919 Infinite Lives

RoboCop versus The Terminator (USA, Europe)
C9C-54B-E69 Invulnerability
00C-61B-A29 Infinite Health

Samurai Shodown (USA)
181-10E-6EA Amakusa Unlocked (1 of 2)
183-4AE-6EA Amakusa Unlocked (2 of 2)
00C-B3D-3BE Infinite Time

Shaq Fu (USA, Europe)
006-C0F-3BE Infinite Time
015-11F-E62 One Round Matches
9C5-0EF-91C Player 1 Always Wins Round 1

Simpsons, The – Bart vs. the Space Mutants (USA, Europe)
00C3B7:BF Infinite Spray Paint (RAM)
C95-359-E69 Invulnerability
009-5DC-E6E Infinite Time
005-589-19E Infinite Health (1 of 2)
A25-439-7F4 Infinite Health (2 of 2)
007-73C-19E Infinite Spray Paint
FF4-989-194 Gain More Spray Paint Upon Pickup

Simpsons, The – Bart vs. the World (World)
001-70E-19E Infinite Health
001-80E-E6E Infinite Lives

Sonic Spinball (USA, Europe)
006-AAC-19E Infinite Lives
008-1C9-19E Infintie Continues
09D-EFB-E6E Each Ring Counts As ?? [Change the 09 to your desired value.]

Skweek (Japan)
005-26F-19E Infinite Lives
007-1CE-3BE Infinite Time

Sonic The Hedgehog (World) (Rev 1)
C9F-DBD-E69 Invulnerability
007-0BA-3BE Infinite Lives
3A0-1FC-2A2 Don’t Lose Rings When Hit
18F-F0D-6EA Don’t Die When Hit With No Rings

Sonic The Hedgehog – Triple Trouble (USA, Europe)
00D532:05 Walk Into Enemies To Kill Them (RAM)
00D3C2:20 Invulnerability (RAM)
C37-F2C-E61 Invulnerability (Blinking)
C31-665-C41 Walk Thru Enemies
3A1-6B5-2A2 Walk Thru Enemies (alt)
C9F-7FD-E69 Infinite Time
008-D1C-A28 Don’t Lose Rings When Hit
388-A4C-08E Don’t Die When Hit With No Rings (1 of 2)
A58-A3C-E63 Don’t Die When Hit With No Rings (2 of 2)
003-E0E-E6E Infinite Lives

Soukoban (Japan)
000-F4E-6E6 No Moves Counted When Not Pushing Blocks
001-8CE-6E6 No Moves Counted When Pushing Blocks

Spider-Man – Return of the Sinister Six (USA, Europe)
00C168:03 Infinite Continues (RAM)
00C16D:08 Infinite Web (RAM)
00C16A:08 Infinite Health (RAM)
004-0CD-19E Infinite Health
003-F5D-7FE Don’t Die When Health Reaches 0
003-E9D-F7E Invulnerability
002-68E-19E Infinite Web
002-67E-912 Always Have Web
FF5-37D-C4A Max Web Upon Pickup
003-91F-E6D Infinite Continues

Spider-Man-X-Men – Arcade’s Revenge (USA)
007-9C9-F7E Infinite Health

Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin (USA, Europe)
007-1A9-A2C Infinite Health
00C-5A8-3BE Infinite Time

Star Trek Generations – Beyond the Nexus (USA, Europe)
7E1-77D-3B7 Infinite Phasers
002-91C-A28 Infinite Shields

Bare Knuckle ~ Streets of Rage (World)
059-745-D55 Access Stage Select and Damage Options (1 of 2) [The two hidden options are in the Options Menu, under Exit.]
0A9-735-4CE Access Stage Select and Damage Options (2 of 2) [The two hidden options are in the Options Menu, under Exit.]
C98-EC6-E69 Infinite Health
3A9-6B7-2A2 Infinite Time
008-DD6-19E Infinite Lives

Super Battletank (USA)
00D-54C-3BE Infinite Ammo (All Types)

Super Return of the Jedi (USA, Europe)
004-26E-3BE Infinite Health
C94-1DE-E69 Invulnerability
000-DEC-80D Infinite Lives

Super Smash T.V. (World)
001-76D-19E Infinite Lives
00D-847-19E Infinite Credits

Superman – The Man of Steel (Europe)
C96-AEA-E69 Invulnerability
18E-03E-6EA Instantly Beat Stage
006-B7A-A24 Infinite Health
00E-18E-19E Infinite Continues

Surf Ninjas (USA)
002-989-B3C Infinite Money

T2 – The Arcade Game (USA, Europe)
00C-2D6-E66 Cheat Menu Unlocked In Options Menu
C9D-86F-E69 Infinite Energy
004-1AD-E6E Infinite Missiles
003-7CD-E6E Infinite Gun Ammo

Tails Adventures (World) (En,Ja)
00A-67C-91A Invulnerability (Blinking)
18A-66C-4CA Don’t Blink From Taking Damage
009-37C-E6E Infinite Rings (1 of 2)
009-4AC-E6E Infinite Rings (2 of 2)
C39-24C-E61 Walk Thru Enemies
C39-06C-E61 Invulnerable To Most Attacks/Enemies (But Not Spikes)

Tails’ Sky Patrol (Japan)
00C555:?? Start On Stage (RAM) [Valid Values = 00 01 02 03 04]
C9F-64B-809 Infinite Fuel
003-A5C-19E Infinite Lives
001-F9D-B35 Start On Railcanyon Stage (1 of 2) [First stage after Training Area.]
B41-F8D-D58 Start On Railcanyon Stage (2 of 2) [First stage after Training Area.]
001-F9D-B35 Start On Ruinwood Stage (1 of 2) [Second stage after Training Area.]
D91-F8D-D58 Start On Ruinwood Stage (2 of 2) [Second stage after Training Area.]
001-F9D-B35 Start On Metal Island Stage (1 of 2) [Third stage after Training Area.]
E11-F8D-D58 Start On Metal Island Stage (2 of 2) [Third stage after Training Area.]
001-F9D-B35 Start On Darkcastle Stage (1 of 2) [Final stage.]
7F1-F8D-D58 Start On Darkcastle Stage (2 of 2) [Final stage.]

TaleSpin (USA, Europe)
187-3FD-6EA Invulnerability
00B-B4D-19E Infinite Lives

Tarzan – Lord of the Jungle (Europe)
00C177:32 Invulnerability (RAM)
3A9-0DE-2A2 Infinite Health
18C-B1F-4CA Invulnerability After Taking Damage
009-68E-19E Infinite Lives
3A2-B0B-2A2 Infinite Time (1 of 3)
3A2-ABB-2A2 Infinite Time (2 of 3)
3A2-BDB-2A2 Infinite Time (3 of 3)

Taz in Escape from Mars (USA, Europe)
186-0E5-6EA Invulnerability
00E-8D6-19E Infinite Lives

Tempo Jr. (World)
00C500:02 Invulnerability (RAM)
C39-AF5-E61 Stage Select Enabled
00E-A3B-19E Infinite Health
3A7-9CD-2A2 Infinite Lives
C3A-B6D-E61 Invulnerability

Terminator 2 – Judgment Day (World)
003-7CB-19E Infinite Health
C93-67B-E69 Invulnerability
003-C7B-19E Infinite Lives

Terminator, The (USA, Europe)
3AD-87C-2A2 Infinite Health

Tintin in Tibet (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,Nl,Sv)
C90-829-E69 Invulnerability
000-9D9-19E Infinite Health
001-449-19E Infinite Lives

Tom and Jerry – The Movie (USA, Europe)
000-AEA-19E Infinite Health
C9C-69B-C49 Invulnerability
005-1B5-19E Infinite Bullets
3A3-9E4-2A2 Infinite Lives

Urban Strike (USA, Europe)
496-A8A-D5F Infinite Armor
7E6-C0A-3B7 Infinite Fuel
4E6-AEA-2AF Infinite Gun Ammo
007-9BA-801 Infinite Lives

Vampire – Master of Darkness (USA)
00CC9C:80 Powerups Don’t Disappear (RAM)
C96-DBB-E69 Invulnerability
C96-73B-E69 Invulnerability (Alt)
006-FEB-A28 Infinite Health
00B-3AB-E6E Infinite Time
181-16E-6EA No Game Over From 0 Lives
3A1-2AE-2A2 Infinite Lives
C91-48B-E69 Powerups Don’t Disappear [Normally you have a limited time to pick them up.]

Virtua Fighter Animation (USA, Europe)
3AE-9DE-2A2 Infinite Health From Most Hits
7E1-4A6-3B7 Infinite Health From Throws
2A7-46B-6E2 Infinite Time

VR Troopers (USA, Europe)
004-79F-19E Infinite Time

Wagyan Land (Japan)
189-62F-6EA Start On Final Stage
00E-7EF-19E Infinite Lives

Wolfchild (Europe)
C97-D7F-E69 Invulnerable To Flames
182-F9E-6EA Invulnerable To Bullets
0C2-8FC-F76 Start A New Game With Max Health
002-67C-3BE Infinite Lives

Wonder Boy – The Dragon’s Trap (Europe)
C95-95E-C49 Don’t Blink When Damaged
007-E3B-F7E Invulnerability
2A6-CAD-6E2 Infinite Health
095-DEF-E6A Start A New Game With 999,999 Gold
635-E8F-E6A Start A New Game With 99 Of Each Item

WWF Raw (USA, Europe)
7E4-C2B-3B7 Take Less Damage

X-Men (USA)
18A-407-6EA Invulnerability
009-F77-C42 Infinite Mutant Power
00A-587-A28 Infinite Health

X-Men – Gamemaster’s Legacy (USA, Europe)
18A-837-6EA Invulnerability
00A-267-C42 Infinite Mutant Power
00A-B97-A28 Infinite Health

X-Men – Mojo World (USA, Europe)
188-C47-6EA Invulnerability
003-ED7-19E Infinite Mutant Power
009-007-A28 Infinite Health

Yogi Bear in Yogi Bear’s Goldrush (Unknown) (Proto)
C98-68D-E69 Invulnerability
003-FBD-19E Infinite Lives

Yu Yu Hakusho – Horobishimono no Gyakushuu (Japan)
C9A-89E-E69 Invulnerability
00E-2EE-B30 Infinite Health
009-1C9-A28 Infinite Health During Boss Fights

Yu Yu Hakusho 2 – Gekitou! Nanakyou no Tatakai (Japan)
008-58E-A2C Infinite Health

Zool – Ninja of the ‘Nth’ Dimension (USA)
00CA91:09 Infinite Lives (RAM)
00CA92:03 Infinite Health (RAM)
00CADF:99 Infinite Time (RAM)
C95-5FD-E69 Invulnerability
2AB-D94-6E2 Infinite Time
000-E4D-19E Infinite Health
003-FCF-E6E Infinite Lives