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Bandit Kings of Ancient China (NES)

The NES game Bandit Kings of Ancient China has the word Debug among the text in the game.

Here’s an image of a normal menu in the game:

Bandit Kings of Ancient China (U) [!] 201304290544452

The hidden option that is highlighted might be Debug. When you select that option, a strange sound effect is played.

Here’s a RAM code for the highligher, and it’s values:


Hex Values
00 Solicit
01 Hunt
02 Heroes
03 Organize
04 Train
05 Feast
06 Rest
07 Give
08 Exit?
09 Other
0A -Flee
0B -Recruit
0C -Settle
0D -Rest
0E -View
0F -Other
10 Debug?
11 Exit?
12 *Crash*

And lastly, here’s an image of the hex editor with the word debug: