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Passwords – Wendy: Every Witch Way (UE) (GBC)

Passwords – Wendy: Every Witch Way (UE) (GBC)

Wendy - Every Witch Way (USA, Europe)

Level 1-2: Star, Triangle, Negative, Negative.
Level 1-3: Star, Cross, Negative, Square.
Level 2-1: Star, Triangle, Cross, Circle.
Level 2-2: Star, Negative, Negative, Cross.
Level 2-3: Star, Triangle, Circle, Cross.
Level 3-1: Star, Square, Square, Circle.
Level 3-2: Star, Star, Triangle, Cross.
Level 3-3: Star, Triangle, Circle, Negative.
Level 4-1: Star, Square, Square, Star.
Level 4-2: Star, Circle, Triangle, Square.
Level 4-3: Star, Cross, Triangle, Circle.

Level 1-2: Triangle, Square, Star, Circle.
Level 1-3: Triangle, Circle, Star, Square.
Level 2-1: Triangle, Cross, Negative, Triangle.
Level 2-2: Triangle, Negative, Cross, Triangle.
Level 2-3: Triangle, Star, Circle, Star.
Level 3-1: Triangle, Triangle, Cross, Negative.
Level 3-2: Triangle, Triangle, Star, Circle.
Level 3-3: Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square.
Level 4-1: Triangle, Cross, Circle, Circle.
Level 4-2: Triangle, Circle, Square, Negative.
Level 4-3: Triangle, Negative, Cross, Square.

Final Stage
Level 4-4: Square, Star, Negative, Cross.

Advance World
Level ?-2: Cross, Negative, Cross, Negative.
Level ?-3: Square, Negative, Star, Cross.

Cheat Password:
Negative, Circle, Circle, Negative.

Game Genie codes:
Shoot Three Projectiles From Wand

Advance World
Note: While highlighting Normal, press Up on the Main Menu to access Advance World.