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Nakitek Game Saver+ (SNES)


What it is:
The Nakitek Game Saver is a device for the Super Nintendo that will create a RAM backup via a controller button combination. You can then load the ‘savestate’ at a later point in gameplay. There was two models, the Game Saver, and the Game Saver+. You can easily tell the difference by the plus model having a power cord coming out of the peripheral, as well as a place to put 6 batteries.

You save the game with the Select+R button combination, and load with Select+L (memorize by L=Load). Additionally, Start+L is a slow motion feature as well as an alternative slow motion being the Start+R button combination.

Here’s a nice review of the product:
Game Saver+ Review (YouTube)

Update code list:
PDF version.

Promo Ad:

The Good:
Can play imported games on a U.S. SNES.
Ability to create and load ‘savestates’ on most games, much like an emulator.
Additional games were supported by a code list by booting with the Select button held.

The Bad:
Does not fit properly in a Retron 3 clone system.
Does not work with all games.

It’s worth noting that all the features of this product are supported in the SNES Super UFO Pro 8 (SD card version).