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Passwords – A Bug’s Life (U) (SGBC)

Passwords – A Bug’s Life (U) (SGBC)

Bug's Life, A (USA) (SGB Enhanced)

Debug Mode Password
Enter the password BB99 and ignore the ”Wrong Password” prompt. During gameplay hold Select and the A button to refill your ammo up to 99. To place the character anywhere on the screen, hold Select and use the directional pad.

Here’s the full list of passwords that are excepted, in the order their stored in the ROM:
B, L, 2, 6.
9, L, K, K.
5, P, 9, K.
6, 6, 5, 2.
B, K, K, 2.
2, P, L, B.
6, 5, 6, 2.
L, 5, 9, B.
9, L, K, K.
B, B, 9, 9.
9, 9, B, B.

The following Game Genie code will enable the effects of both passwords BB99 and 99BB:
Debug Mode
Note: The code must be enabled before starting the game. Press Select+A to refill your ammo, Select+Dpad to move anywhere on screen, pause gameplay and press Select to skip to the next stage or pause gameplay and press A to skip to the next checkpoint.