Unlicensed Sega Genesis Games

Unlicensed Sega Genesis Games

These cartridges were never officially approved to even be on the Genesis, so why would Sega give a shit about them being distributed?

12-in-1 [Download]

16 Tiles Mahjong [Download]

777 Casino [Download]

Action 52 [Download]

Action 52 [alt] [Download]

Aladdin II [Download]

Aq Renkan Awa [Download]

Bible Adventures [Download]

Bug’s Life, A [Download]

Chaoji Dafuweng [Download]

Chess [Download]

Chinese Chess [Download]

Devilish Mahjong Tower [Download]

Dial Q o Mawase! [Download]

Divine Sealing [Download]

Domino [Download]

Earth Defend, The [Download]

Elf Wor [Download]

Exodus [Download]

Fido Dido [Download]

FIFA Soccer 2000 Gold Edition [Download]

Fun Car Rally [Download]

Funny World & Balloon Boy [Download]

Futbol Argentino 98 – Pasion de Multitudes [Download]

Ghost Hunter [Download]

Hercules [Download]

Hercules 2 [Download]

Iraq War 2003 [Download]

Joshua & the Battle of Jericho [Download]

Link Dragon [Download]

Lion King 3 [Download]

Lion King II, The [Download]

Magic Girl [Download]

Mahjong Lover [Download]

Mega Bomberman – 8 Player Demo [Download]

MK 5 – Mortal Combat – SubZero [Download]

Mulan [Download]

Pocket Monsters [Download] Pocket Monsters [alt] [Download]

Pocket Monsters 2 [Download]

Pokemon Crazy Drummer [Download]

Rockman X3 [Download]

Smart Mouse [Download]

Soul Blade [Download]

Spiritual Warfare [Download]

Super Bubble Bobble [Download]

Super Donkey Kong 99 [Download]

Super King Kong 99 [Download]

Super Mario 2 1998 [Download]

Super Mario Bros. [Download]

Super Mario World [Download]

Taiwan Tycoon [Download]

Tekken 3 Special [Download]

Top Shooter [Download]

Virtua Fighter 2 vs Tekken 2 [Download]

Whac-A-Critter [Download]

World Pro Baseball 94 [Download]

King of Fighters ’98, The [Download]
Sega Subor System Cartridge [Download]
Sonic Jam 6 [Download]
Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII [Download]

Cheat Devices:
Action Replay [Download]

Game Genie [Download v1] [Download v2]

Gamtec Magicard [Download]

Pro Action Replay [Download]

Pro Action Replay 2 V2.1 [Download]

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  1. Farhad

    Hoe kan ik die spelletjes op mijn mage ever drive flash cadrighe zetten en spellen ……….???? ik kan ze niet downloaden??



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