Unreleased Sega Genesis Games

These Sega Genesis games are either unreleased, or the name changed from beta to final (In U/W Regions).

Baby’s Day Out [Download v1 1994] [Download v2 1995] [GameFaqs]

Barbie Vacation Adventure [Download] [GameFaqs] [Wiki]

Bare Knuckle II [Download] [GameFaqs] [Wiki]

Beyond Zero Tolerance [Download] [GameFaqs] [Wiki]

Teleplay Interactive System by Baton (aka Combat Aces) [Download] [Wiki]

Command & Conquer [Download] [Wiki]

Congo: The Game [Download] [GameFaqs]

Davis Cup World Tour Tennis 2 [Download v1 1992] [Download v2 1994]
The 1992 version says this in the header:
Best of the Best Championship Karate

Dominus [Download] [Wiki]

Jelly Boy [Download] [GameFaqs] [Wiki]

Jim Power: The Arcade Game (aka Street Smart) [Download] [GameFaqs] [Wiki]

Junkers High [Download]

Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra [Download] [Wiki]

Ninja Gaiden [Download] [GameFaqs] [Wiki]
The header names the game:
Arm Wrestling

Resq (aka Rescue) [Download] [GameFaqs]

Robot Wreckage [Download]

Scrabble [Download] [GameFaqs]

Sonic Crackers (aka Sonic Stadium) [Download] [GameFaqs] [Wiki]

Street Fighter II’ Turbo [Download] [Wiki]
The header names the game:
Arm Wrestling

Twisted Flipper [Download]

Wacky Races (aka WaccaWaccaWacca Races) [Download] [GameFaqs] [Wiki]

Waterworld [Download] [GameFaqs] [Wiki]

Wild Snake [Download]

Young Indiana Jones Chronicles [Download] [Wiki]

 Zombie High [Download] [GameFaqs]