Cheat Modifier – Norse by Norsewest: Return of the Lost Vikings (U) (PS1)

System: Sony PlayStation
Game Title: Norse by Norsewest – Return of the Lost Vikings [NTSC-U] [SLUS-00466]

GameShark Codes:
All Cheats Enabled
30095190 001F

Press O+Triangle for Debug Mode
Press X+Square for Level and Coordinate Info
Press X+Square+Triangle to Skip Current Level

Cheat Modifier
30095190 00??

(Decimal values shown below)
00 No Cheats
01 Invincibility
02 Infinite Flying
03 Invincibility + Infinite Flying
04 Skip Level (X+Square+Triangle)

08 Debug Mode (O+Triangle)

12 Skip Level + Debug Mode

16 XY Info (X+Square)

20 XY Info + Skip Level

24 XY Info + Debug Mode

28 Skip Level + Debug Mode + XY Info

31 All Cheats

32 No Cheats

There is a Password that is impossible to input for this game.
I changed it to RFCD so I could input it, but I believe it still does nothing, I dunno…