Emulator Online is all about retro games emulated within your browser. We want our visitors to be able to play and discuss all the retro Game Boy, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Neo Geo, and Sega console games online. We especially like Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo and Sega games. All of these consoles are playable directly online without having to download additional ROMs or other emulator files. This is a curated collection of all the games you used to play, now conveniently located free on Emulator Online for easy access at any time of the day.

Retro games are more of a relic these days, with the advent of the iPhone and Android which have made classic games a thing of the past. But there is nothing better than loading up the original Mario, Pokemon, Sonic, Zelda and Kirby games and playing them for the nostalgia and retro fun.

New visitors who are not acquainted to these games are also welcome to play as much as they like. We have all types of games from the 90's and beyond, such as Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Sonic, Kirby and several other game tags. Just like you, we are huge fans of the retro classics as well as small game titles. Enjoy playing your favorite Retro games!